Kuro Gal Hip

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We all love those sexy tanned GALs who are popular in anime, and seen on the streets if Tokyo's fashionable Shibuya district. Now you can enjoy your own Kuro Gal toy!
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Product Description

The Kuro Gal Hip is a deluxe "hip type" toy that simulates the entire ass of a girl, including slapping her cute butt while you bang her and watching it jiggle. The toy is accurately dark colored, meaning you can enjoy the view of your member disappearing into that tanned flesh, or if you don't want to finish inside, you can pull out and paint her with your white semen.

At 1.6 kg, the toy is outstanding, with the perfect amount of heft. It can be used any way you like, in missionary position, or bakku de (doggy style), sitting in a chair in "girl in your lap" mode, or put her on a surface like a desk.

The inside of the toy is incredible, a highly stimulative interior that's built around repeating grooves with many bumps in each section. You will finish very quickly with this onahole.

Note that it's a vaginal only sex toy, no second hole to use.

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