I Want You To Know Everything About Me -- Motto Zenbu Shitte Hoshii

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This is a great collection of hentai stories by artist kuretudenn and HIT Comics!
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Enjoy a great collection of 18+ manga stories by artist kuretudenn, with themes of finally confessing and finding love. You will love them all!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Confess Once More In Spring (New Story)
2. Confess Once More In Spring
3. Confess Once More In Spring Part 2
4. Confess Once More In Spring Part 3
5. A Childhood Friend Who Grew Up Like A Brother Suddenly Became A Woman
6. Our Love Song
7. Friend's Mother Hypnosis 1
8. Friend's Mother Hypnosis 2
9. My Aunt Saeko (tanned waifu! x straight shota)
10. A Gal Who Is Rumored To Be A Bitch Is Actually A Virgin

Pages: 192

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