PUNIANAROID 7 -- Automatic Masturbation Technology

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One of the most popular ero toy products on J-List is the PUNIANAROID series, because it's a fully automatic masturbation experience. And now the 7th generation is here!
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Each PUNIANA ROID automatic ero toy offers its only unique twist on fapping-by-device concept, and this iteration of the series focuses on heat generation to create a more realistic masturbation experience. It actually jerks you off while providing warmth from inside the toy!

Here's how you use it after charging with the included USB-C cable, pop the cover off the bottom and press the power button. A long press turns the device onoff and also controls the warmth mode and ero voice mode, while a short push toggles the "piston mode pattern."

For after-use maintenance and cleaning, there's a panel you can open which exposes a button, allowing the soft onahole piece to be removed from the device. You can then clean the onahole piece and replace it after drying. (Note do not get water inside the electronics of the PUNIANAROID itself.)

The removable soft onahole portion is extra-awesome in this version, soft and realistic and filled with large dots inside which will make short work of your stress. The battery will allow for approximately 3 hours of continuous use.

To listen to the ero voice recordings, which simulate sexual sounds while the PUNIANAROID jerks you off, use standard headphones. There are 10 minutes of recorded voice sounds.

Made by PxPxP, starter lotion included inside the box. Package art by Maruku.

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Length: 27cm (10.6in)
Width: 9cm (3.5in)
Weight: 644g (1.4lbs)

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