Ass Princess Perfect

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One of our favorite onaholes ever, this fun toy re-creates the entire body of an Ass Princess for you, letting you experience all kinds of sex with her!
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When you really need an outstanding eroti sexual experience, reach for the Ass perfect Princess, a large "full torso"style toy from Boostoy that lets you play with a fully functional torso with breasts, ass, legs, plus a realistic pussy and anus, allowing you to manage your stress any way you like. The toy is amazing, offering an outer body you can play with while you get yourself ready, then slide into the color-accurate vagina for some fun times. There are tons of grooves and bumps to delight you inside and make you ejaculate in no time. The coloring is accurate, too. You can then use the anus to explore a new kind of thrill, and rejoice in how realistic her ass is while you bang her. At 1400 grams, the toy is among the heaviest and most realistic we've ever sold. Yet the cost is very reasonable!

It's the ultimate dual use toy, for double the fun, with both vaginal and anal action!

(Ero Toy Top Staff Pick!)

Weight: 1400g (3.1lbs)
Length: 26cm (10.2in)

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