Erotic Number! Touka (Hard Type)

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Want to date a sexy seiyu from Japan, who'll do anything to help her voice acting career? Now you can, with the Erotic Number anime parody onahole line.
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Here's a great new parody series of onaholes from A-One that take the three characters from the seiyu anime Girlish Number and turn them into awesome sex toys for your enjoyment. Each toy is totally different from the others, so you can get all three and enjoy a different experience each time.

This toy is "Touka," based on Momoka from the anime, the most experienced of the voice actresses, and already cynical because of the hard lessons of the industry. Because of this, her pussy is also "hard type," being the firmest of the three, since Touka has used sex to get roles before. Her onahole is very narrow and tight, with fine grooves up and down, plus protrusions at various points.

Because this is an inexpensive toy, it might be good as a beginner starter onahole for beginners.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Package size: 17x6x7

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