Bra & Shorts that can be Attached to Oppai - Otokonoko 2L

Shipping from Japan
This is a fun item, an Otokonoko sized bra & panty that's designed so that you can insert one of Tamatoy's "oppai" sets!
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This is a fun otokonoko cosplay from Japan. It's a set of bra "shorts" (panties) sized 2L, so men can see how the other half lives. But it goes the extra mile for you, giving you a space in the bra to insert your favorite boobs from the Tamatoys Oppai Board System.

These breasts are designed to be inserted into the Oppai Board, a flat board that holds the breasts in place so you can cover them with a 2D anime girl cover and have fun touching her boobs. It works with any set of breasts designed to work with this system.

The fabric is of high quality with excellent stitching, just like girls' underwear would have. The bra piece goes over the shoulders as well as around the waist, to provide extra support for the weight of the breast pieces.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Underbust Size: 82-110cm (32.3-43.3in)
Hip Size: 97-105cm (38.2-41.3in)
Material: Polyester, Urethane

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SKU: TMT1719