REALITY -- Taimanin Kirara

Shipping from Japan
Adult toy maker PxPxP brings us the official Taimanin Kirara onahole, the toy that crosses dimensions into reality! Box art by Aoi Nagisa.
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Lilith and PxPxP join forces to give us this awesome Taimanin Kirara official onahole. Kirara Onisaki is the half-human half-demon anti-demon ninja from the popular online adult video game Taimanin RPGX. The hole is designed to give us the closest experience to the real Kirara with upper torso shape replicating Kirara's body wearing her costume, fleshy walls filled with ridges for stimulation, a nice and tight middle section, and a realistic vaginal portion of cervix at the very end of the hole. Another fantastic onahole from Japan!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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