Dangerous Temptation Of Throbbing Wives

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Here's an amazing hentai manga from artist Menou Kuroiwa filled with stories of horny wives!
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Enjoy this awesome hentai manga offering frmo Menou Kuroiwa and Megastore Comics with ten storeis of married women who can't keep from fucking other men!

The chapter list is

1. Throbbing Wife -- Immoral Anal Affair.
2. SECRET WIFE (my wife is a secret spy!)
3. Kitsuname
4. A Bouquet for my Bunny Wife
5. Spring Storm (the spirit of a cherry tree appears to have sex with you)
6. My Boss is a Beautiful Scandinavian Woman
7. Glasses Wife Strikes Back
8. Two Dangerous Girls (tanned gal and glasses-wearing bookworm team up to have sex with their crush)
9. Shiver in Summer
10. Holy Night Danger Christmas


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