Your Friend in Japan

Megumi has been the mascot character of J-List since 1998, two years after we started J-List. She was designed to personify our website with something that is synonymous with Japanese anime and otaku culture, a 美少女高校生 (bi-shou-jyou kou-kou-sei).


Name: Megumi Haruna
Japanese Name: 榛名めぐみ
Birthday: October 1st
Height: 157cm
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Background: Megumi is a 3rd year student at North Kanto High School. Friendly, funny and a little too energetic, she's never had trouble making new friends. She keeps a small box of chocolates in her school bag for "emergencies," as she calls them, like when she fails tests. While most of her friends participate in after-school activities, she works a part-time job at an online shop. She likes to cosplay with her friends, but she often picks up new popular hobbies then inevitably drops them when her interest fades.


Facial Emotions

Megumi has a wide range of emotions, but most on the bright and happy side.





Fan Art and 同人(dou-jin) Works

J-List has always been close to the fan art community and we are happy to support anyone who would like to make derivative works of Megumi. Whether you are making sketches, illustrations, comics or cosplay, there is no need to worry about royalties or legal action -- that's not our thing. If you make something, share it with us on Facebook or Twitter and if we think it's amazing we might even feature it!


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