Perverted Bitch Academy

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Enjoy this incredible collection of hentai stories by artist Hiroyuki Ando and DUMA comics with amazing bitches in heat
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In Japanese, the way to express "bitch" is "mesu buta" or "female pig." And you'll get lots of those in this amazing collection of hentai stories. This is the first manga release by artist Yoshiyuki Ando in 7 years!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Judy English Teacher
2. Director Of The Society For The Study Of Sexual Culture Kurotetsu Yuki
3. Akio Nijo, Public Health Doctor
4. Gyomi Chikudo, A 'Black Gal' (tanned gyaru story!)
5. GALko Ikumi
6. Yokai Nekomata Part
7. Specter Nekomata Part
8. P.E Teacher Time
9. School President, Natsume Orikawa
10. Monster Parent, Shiona Shimizu

Pages: 226

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