Well, after many trials and tribulations, we’re happy to announce that the new J-List site is up and ready for you to check out! Creating a new J-List website from scratch has been a long and challenging process that’s taken more than a year and given us all a new appreciation for the Endless Eight arc in Haruhi. But the site is finally up and ready for you to check it out!

The new site features:

  • a great modern design for easy browsing of products
  • awesome support for tablet or mobile users, including full gesture support and retina images, and full support of all site features
  • existing customer accounts, passwords and store credits are all imported to the new system (though wishlists have unfortunately been reset)
  • both systems are still running, and all orders will be processed, including Shiny Days LE orders (don’t worry)
  • customer history will be imported from the old system over the next week or so
  • not all products are uploaded to the site, so if you see anything you think is missing, ask us or be patient and it should appear soon
  • we’re still tinkering with the site, and planning on adding many new features
  • we have a totally new affiliate program, if you want to help J-List promote our brand of wacky Japanese pop culture and score some yen
  • basically, this is a new platform to allow J-List to serve you better now and ten years from now

So come on, senpai, and notice J-List’s new website!

It’s funny the way everyone’s perceptions are subjective. Like several members of our Japanese staff, J-List’s buyer of DVDs and personal stress-relief products Tomo was motivated to learn English because of his love of Western culture, especially music. When he met me for the first time, he wanted to talk about the contributions of Velvet Underground or Jim Morrison or King Crimson to the history of music, and was probably a bit disappointed to find I’d always been more focused on Japan than the American and British music scene. I used to go to a small izakaya run by young man and his wife. The man loved listening to reggae but knew I preferred traditional Japanese enka songs, so he’d always change the radio channel as soon as I came in. We recently had a meeting with an executive from a certain Japanese eroge company about an upcoming game release, and he kept saying things like, “Since this is the American release, we should show the character sitting in a pink Cadillac driving on Route 66. Americans love that.” While many might, my sense was that most of the potential customers for his company’s products would be more interested in Japanese car-related culture than Cadillacs, but he just couldn’t see it.

In addition to the launch of the new J-List website, our big news is that Shiny Days, the awesome prequel/sequel to School Days, has been released for digital download. The game is a great one, a richly developed story telling what would have happened if all the School Days characters had met the summer before. There’s still time to order the Limited Edition before the game starts shipping next week.