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You never know what random meme is going to come out of Japan next. One day Pixiv artists will suddenly decide to start drawing characters wearing Open-Chested Turtleneck Sweaters or Cat Keyhole Lingerie, and the next, they’re posting pictures of busty anime characters trying (or failing) the Tawawa Challenge, which is girls attempting to rest their cell phones on their cleavage. The newest trend to explode out of Japan is called the One Finger Selfie Challenge (mildly NSFW), which involves taking a nude selfie in a mirror while somehow hiding all of their naughty bits with a carefully placed finger. This new trend from Japan might just be the best thing to come out of 2016 so far (though the bar is admittedly low).

Last time we explored some stereotypes some of us may have about Japan, so today I thought I’d write about the stereotypes Japanese can have about America, and Westerners in general. First, Japanese are positive that all of us have gloriously “high” (large, well-shaped) noses even when we don’t, and that we’re all tall, even when we’re not. They’re also positive that every Westerner is blond, even half-Japanese girls from Britain, and seem culturally unable to see that the girls in the “blond girl” JAV that are so popular have hair of other colors, too. They like to think that America is totally “free” from restrictive social rules (which is certainly not the case), and also that Americans always “say exactly what they think” without engaging in any editing depending on “T.P.O.,” a made-in-Japan acronym that means time, place, occasion. Because 80% of meals in Japan are eaten with a side dish of white rice, Japanese think we eat every meal with a big basket of bread. Americans are famous for being アバウト (“about”), a term the Japanese use to mean imprecise and relaxed, and my wife has come to understand that when I say I’ll be home in 10 minutes I really mean an hour and a half. Finally, they’re quite blown away by the sprawling size of America (25x the land area of Japan), and love the image of hitchhiking along sprawling lonely roads in the desert.

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