Absorption Lilith (Succubus Onahole)

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Everyone is a fan of tanned anime girls, with sexy dark skin who are so delicious to eat. And now you can, with the dark succubus onahole Absorption Lilith. Part of the '666' series from A-One!
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Is the order a tanned succubus? Because that's what Japanese onahole maker A-One has for us a super cute brown-skinned devil who will let us use her sexually anytime we want. Inside the toy you'll find an incredible array of deep grooves which stroke your penis from all sides each time it passes one, creating a suction that pulls you inside. But each segment isn't the same they all have different systems of dots and grooves, which you can feel as you move deeper inside, and there's a realistic cervix at the end for you to shoot into.

Box artwork by Tamano Kemono.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 15cm (5.9in)
Weight: 320g (0.7lbs)

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SKU: AO555