Secret Adult Sex -- Himitsu no Otona no Sex

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This is a great hentai manga from artist Minami Chisato and Sanwa Comics that will blow you away!
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Product Description

Enjoy this amazing hentai manga from new artist Minamo Chisato! It comes with an additional 32 page original story inside.

Lots of great stories in this volume for you. Sex with a pure-hearted Gal! A secret affair with the mother of your best friend! Sex with your childhood friend after the fireworks festival! ANd lots more...

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Galhame Astronomical Observation (Color Manga + B W Manga)
2. Her Mother Feels Good
3. I Want To Be Tied Together On A School Trip Newly Drawn Manga Pages
4. Lottery Draw Rubber
5. An Elder Sister's Tale
6. Fireworks With You Part 1(Color Manga + B W Manga)
7. Fireworks With You Part 2
8. The Man Of My Dreams
9. Sex Life Guidance B
10. When Your Best Friend's Mother Comes Home Drunk

Pages: 238

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