Onahole Care Set (USB Warmer, Cleaner + Drying Stick)

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We all love our 2D waifus, because they work so hard to help us relieve our stress. Now here's a great Onahole Care Set that provides all the maintenance tools you need to keep your onaholes happy!
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This Onaho Care Set contains four useful tools maintaining a healthy and happy ero toy, which are

- A USB onahole warmer that will make your favorite toy toasty warm for you (18 cm long)
- A sponge stick cleaner (16 cm long) for removing lotion and other liquids after use
- A "dry stick" (15 cm) made from silicon dioxide, which removes water after cleaning the toy, absorbing it into the drying stick's materials. The stick then dries quickly when put in the air.
- Hole storage powder, for drying out the inside of a toy before storing long-term.

Notes The USB hole warmer uses a standard USB-A connector and is designed to warm your toy, with a cutoff if the warmer reaches 45 degrees Celsius113 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmer has a LED light that blinks red while the hole is being warmed, then turns off when the desired temperature is achieved. As with all electrical products, discontinue use if you suspect any problems with the connection or wiring.

This is the perfect product for anyone concerned with Zen and the Art of Onahole Maintenance!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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