Egg Drops!

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Why gestate your eggs for nine months when you could just lay them instead?
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Marui Maru makes their J18 Publishing debut with Egg Drops! Japan has developed a new contraceptive pill that lets you lay your eggs instead of getting pregnant, and these are the stories of the girls who use it!

Egg Drops is all about girls registered as licensed egg-layers, and they all have unique reasons for being on the pill! Some girls are like Honoka, who loves her cute little brothers so much she can't help but have unprotected sex with them; others are like Marika, who loves the idea of getting fucked silly by DILFs without the risk of having babies! Some girls like Mayuri even make a career out of it, getting creampied and laying their eggs on camera for entertainment! But all egg-laying is overseen by the Egg-Laying Administration Bureau, and they've just dispatched junior member Tatsuro to an all-girls boarding school where every single student wants him to fertilize their eggs! He's there to make sure they're following moral egg-laying practices, but an entire academy of well-to-do girls begging for his cum makes him suspicious... so he'll have to fuck his way to the bottom of things! (And bonus chapters like "Spawn Camping" and "Breed in Hell" explore the egg-laying practices of elves, orcs, and demon girls!) Egg Drops is a book for all the breeders out there who love big, round bellies without the childbirth that comes afterward--and if that sounds like you, all ten chapters of this book will be right in your strike zone!

J18 Publishing and Marui Maru are delighted to present this special English edition of Egg Drops! Presented in the original A5 format, this book also features fully-translated dialogue and SFX to preserve everything you loved about the original... except now, you can appreciate the majesty of Marui Maru's bodacious beauties without a single black bar of censorship! The eggs these girls lay might have an expiration date, but this book will be fappable foreverso take home your copy today!

Pages: 196
Size: A5

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