PUNIANAROID 2 -- Automatic Masturbation Technology

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We love it when technology helps us out in unexpected ways, and now there's an amazing masturbation android that looks like it came from the future, with the all new PUNIAROID 2!
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PPEXE / G Project has thrown down the gauntlet on a whole new kind of self-pleasure, with PUNIANAROID 2, the updated version of their high-tech masturbator for men that moves up and down in a piston action and also rotates while use it. In addition, this new version is more affordable and simulates a dark-skinned girl with tanned delicious chocolate skin. Art by Maruku.

The device has the following amazing features

o A "powerful piston" internal vibrator that moves forward and back, stimulating you to orgasm. The interior also rotates, spinning inside. There are 7 different piston and rotation patterns, which you can easily control with the included controller. The vibration effect is amazing!

o The PUNIANAROID talks! She makes sexy sounds while you use her for sex, with approximately 10 minutes of sound recordings inside, by character voice Soyokaze Mirai.

o The onahole can be used by hand, but also fixed to a surface using the included suction cup. The neck attached to the suction cup can rotate 145 degrees.

o The PUNIANAROID is rechargeable, so you never have to put in batteries, The charging cable is USB and is included in the box.

o Time to charge is approximately 2 hours, allowing for 40 minutes of constant use when charged. It's best to not leave the device charging constantly.

o While the device is resistant to the normal liquids you encounter with a sex toy, it should not be submerged in water.

o Before charging, check to make sure no liquids are present near the charging cable area.

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