Tougenkyo Nymphet -- Nymphet in Eden Dual Pleasure Onahole

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Maccos Japan is the company famous for always making large and well-designed dual-use onaholes, which give you two ways to play. Enjoy the new Nymphet in Eden deluxe toy!
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The Nymphet in Eden (Japanese title Taoyuanxiang Nymphet) is the latest large and weighty onahole from Maccos Japan, a "hip" style toy simulating the entire bottom portion of a willing nymphet, who offers her body to you, any hole you choose. The toy is made in a bent-over position, allowing you to use your new 2D waifu any way you please, in missionary position, dotty style, woman on top, or anything!

This dual-layer toy allows for maximum detail, with an accurately colored pink interior for the vaginal hole. Internally, both anal and vaginal holes allow you to relieve your stress in different ways depending on your mood. The pussy is large and realistically designed, able to take you deep inside while you get rid of your daily stress, while the anus is tighter and more stimulative inside.

At 2000 grams, the Nymphet in Eden hip toy is an amazing deluxe onahole that will feel extremely realistic for you. The fact that you can use the the in any sexual position will add lots of new options for you.

Starter lotion included in the box for you!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 17cm (6.7in)
Width: 23cm (9.1in)
Height: 13cm (5.1in)
Weight: 2000g (4.4lbs)

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