Devil's Crack!

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Magic Eyes is one of our favorite onahole makers, and now the've come up with a fresh new concept, which blends both realistic soft materials with firmer ones!
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The Devil's Crack is an innovative onahole offering from Magic Eyes which is incredibly well-engineered. To most accurately recreate the "sujiman" (vaginal musculature) that they're famous for, the onahole is made with two types of materials, a soft realistic material on the outside, and at the back, a firmer material that provides a firmer sensation, like female muscles being tensed during sex. The "vacuum piston" can be rotated and slid in and out during use to create additional suction and sensations for you.

Because Magic Eyes makes larger and more luxurious onaholes, we recommend their products for larger customers.

Made in Japan for maximum quality, high quality lotion is included in the box. Great for customers wanting a larger onahole experience!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

(Ero Toy Top Staff Pick!)

Length: 22cm (8.7in)
Weight: 550g (1.2lbs)

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SKU: OD186