Onaman Three Sisters

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Want to bang three sisters who live in the same condominium complex as you? That's the complex behind the new Onaman Three Sisters, with three onaholes in the box!
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The Onaman Three Sisters Onahole is a great offering because you get three masturbation toys in one box! The Onaman title is a joke because it sounds like it means you're fucking three girls who live in the "same mansion" (onaji mansion) as you, but it really means "female pussy."

The box contains three onaholes. Oldest sister Momo-chan has a large, welcoming pussy and a large space in her uterus for you to shoot your man-juice. Middle sister Sacchan's pussy is soft and inviting for you. Finally the youngest daughter An-chan has a pussy that's small and tight, and she has a complex about this because boys think she's a virgin even though she's had sex before.

The Onaman Three Sisters onahole set is made in Japan, starter lotion is included.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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