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Japan's amazing onahole companies never fail to surprise us with something new, every week! This is the PUNUANA SUKESUKE DX, a transparent "hip" style toy for interesting stress relief!
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We've got lots of "hip" style toys on the site, which simulate a girl's entire ass, giving you both vagina and anus to play with, so you can relieve your daily stress any way you like. While these are generally flesh-colored, the PUNIANA SUKESUKE DX (which translates as "small hole see-through deluxe") is something totally new: a giant girl's rump for you to fuck, which is totally transparent and see-through, so you can see the action inside while it's happening.

The toy is huge, a massive 2.2 kg / 4.9 lbs of weight, with all the quality and detil you expect from PxPxP / G Project...althoguh it's harder to see since the toy is one of the "Crystal Hard" type of toys.

The details of toy are amazing. The vaginal sex route is great with a "tight zone" near the front that pinches you, lots of crisscrossing crystal nibs in the middle, which is great to shoot your load into. The anal path is equally awesome, with more twists and turns and a narrow zone of horizontal grooves to stimulate you.

In addition to the heavy weight, the toy is large, with a width and length of 20+ cm! Naturally you can use any sex position with the toy, including missionary, doggy style or girl-in-your-lap.

This is a dual use onahole with double the pleasure, and an extra thrill because of its transparent materials, which make it feel like you're having sex with a slime monster girl.

Starter lotion is included inside the box, and you also get a storage case included free, too.

* The manufacturer says that there's a fine powder on the outside of the toy during shipping, which gradually disappears with repeated use or after washing, meaning that the transparency of the materials will increase the more you use it.

Packageart by Maruku.

Length: 21cm (8.3in)
Width: 20cm (7.9in)
Weight: 2200g (4.9lbs)

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