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Enjoy this amazing large-sized "hip" style sex toy from Maccos Japan, one of the boldest companies providing stress relief to guys around the world!
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Go big or go home is what Maccos Japan says. This is a massive full-size hip onahole that simulates the lower half of a gorgeous girl, letting you enjoy sex in any position you want with her!

The toy is huge, accurately re-creating the willing ass and pussy of a willing girl. This not only allows you to enjoy vaginal or anal sex with her, but you can enjoy any sex position you like missionary, doggy style, girl-in-your-lap, or anything!

The interior of the onahole is amazing, with an accurate pink coloring for the vagina, with lots of grooves and ridges that squeeze you from insdie until you're ready to finish. Or switch to her ass, for a tighter feel with lots of large ridges for extra stimulation.

At 4400 grams, this toy is incredible, giving you all the heft you want in a high-quality masturbation toy.

Illustration by Hayakawa Akari.

Weight: 4400g (9.7lbs)
Length: 26cm (10.2in)
Width: 30cm (11.8in)
Height: 16cm (6.3in)

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