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What's the best fellatio simulating onahole Japan has ever made? It's the SUGO - FELLA, a fantastic adult toy that simulates the tongue, lips and teeth of a cute girl.
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Onahole maker Enjoy Toys is throwing down the gauntlet once again, making the most amazing fellatio simulation onahole we've seen yet. The thing is incredible a totally realistic recreation of a female mouth, right down to her accurate teeth (which are made of a firm-but-soft material allowing you to feel them), separately molded mouth, nose and tongue, 100% accurate coloring inside the mouth, and a new feature called the "Face Shift Gimmick" that allows for even more realistic feel than ever before. The face can simulate a relaxed mouth or a tense mouth, just like the real thing. The toy is large, making it a great option for owners of bigger penises, and it comes with a special "in-mouth cleaning brush" and high quality lotion. Perhaps the best fellatio onahole we've ever seen!

(Ero Toy Top Staff Pick!)

Length: 19cm (7.5in)
Height: 85cm-12cmcm (33.5-4.7in)
Weight: 620g (1.4lbs)

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SKU: ET205