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J-List customers love the onahole lotion options we offer, and one of the most popular has been this one, the Ride Japan Lotion.
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Looking for a great personal lotion that will provide you with hours and hours of quality solo time? Then grab this giant bottle of Ride Japan Lotion, a huge 400 ml bottle of quality personal lotion that's great for use with any onaholes on the market. This lotion is designed to be just the right slipperiness to get the job done without being too sticky or stringy, and it won't dry out too quickly, requiring additional applications. Best of all, the lotion comes in a bottle with a great applicator tip, so you can put just the right amount anywhere you need to, just by squeezing the bottle.

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Ingredient list Purified water, sodium polyacrylate, sodium EDTA-2Na, sodium devidroacetate

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