KABEJIRI – Super Realistic Onahole

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Want a super realistic onahole experience, which recreates the entire ass and hip of a cute girl? Want to bang her in the vagina or anus, depending on your current mood?
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Here's a really special onahole for your private pleasure, a realistic ass that recreates the lower half of a cute girl, with both her vagina and asshole ready for penetration. This amazing "hip toy" is shaped like a girl bending over and can be used from back or from the front. The insides are super realistic, both from the grooves and bumps that bring you pleasure to the realistic two-tone coloring, just like a real girl. You can put panties on the toy if you want, great for variations of play, and use any hole you feel like using. The toy is so large, it's got an interior skeletal structure to keep it in a realistic shape.

A great dual-use onahole, providing for both vaginal and anal play!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Size: 20x16x14

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