S-Rank Momo Motchi 2000!

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Need a really huge and 100% realistic "hip type" toy to have tons of run with? Maker PPEXE has come through with the new S-Rank Momo Motochi 2000!
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Product Description

If you need a really special "hip-type" (aka "ass-type") toy for stress relief, then onahole maker PPEXE / G Project has really "come" through for us, with the S-Rank Momo Motochi 2000. It's a giant, near life-sized toy that provides a huge, realistic ass for us to grab while we're banging away. The vagina offers one of the most realistically designed orifices known to science, with accurate pink coloring and pussy lips that you can pull out and play with. The anus is great too, a tight space you can slide into and experience a totally different sensation.

The materials of the S-Rank Momo Motchi 2000 are amazing, feeling just like the real thing, especially when you grab her buns and squeeze as you shoot inside her. The toy can be used for doggy style (or "back de" as the Japanese say) but also for reversed, for missionary sex. You can even squeeze her butt cheeks around your member and get off that way.

At 2000 grams+, this is one of the largest and most realistic onahole of this kind you could choose. You can enjoy vaginal, anal or other kinds of sex!

Made in Japan by PPEXE, lotion included in the box.

Length: 17cm (6.7in)
Width: 14cm (5.5in)
Weight: 2000g (4.4lbs)

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