Puni Ana DX SOFT

Shipping from Japan
The popular Puni Ana DX dual onahole is a favorite of J-List customers, and now there's a "soft" version for extra realism!
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Here's a unique adult toy from Japan a large, dual onahole that simulates the ass hole of a cute tanned girl. The "hip-type" toy is huge, weighing 2.2 kg, and it features tight holes and a meaty feel. This is a dual use toy which lets you enjoy vaginal or anal penetration. This is primarily a toy for those who want an extremely realistic anal sex experience.

This is the "soft" version of the toy, which is great for "slow sex" with this cute 2D girl. Enjoy feeling her vagina or anus while you're balls deep inside her!

To clean, wipe out with tissues until all liquids are removed, or use one of the popular "onahole care" kits J-List sells.

Starter lotion is included inside the box.

Width: 20cm (7.9in)
Length: 21cm (8.3in)
Weight: 2200g (4.9lbs)

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