Nothing Beats Otaku-Friendly Gals

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This is a great hentai manga about sexy GALs who love anime otakus, and get wet whenever they find a cute one!
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One fetish we love are sexy GALs who love to have sex with otakus. That's the theme of this fun hentai manga by Bakuya and Megastore Comics. The genre is known as "Ota Yuu Gal" or Gyaru Who Are kind To Otakus.

The chapter list for this manga is

1. This Is It The Royal Otaku Yuu Gal
2. The Overly Cheerful Otaku Yuu Gal
3. Vibe Building OOtaku Yuu GalL
4. Stupid But Otaku Yuu Gal
5. Scary But Otaku Yuu Gal
6. Ota Yu Gal Forever
7. Mahoutsukai No Onee-san
8. All In Okabe-chan's Hands

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Pages: 214

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