Kuro Gal's Fellatio Heaven -- Kei Mizuryu

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We're all fascinated with gyaru, those super sexy tanned girls who are super experienced at sex, and feature delightfully questionable morals. Now you can experience a GALs fellatio!
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Japanese onahole maker A-One has a great new ero toy for your stress relief a fellatio simulator that lets you experience oral sex any time you like. Featuring an amazingly detailed mouth, nose and lips, this toy is incredibly realistic. Best of all, the toy features realistic teeth (made of a soft but firm rubber polymer) you can feel scraping along your shaft, and a tongue that moves on its own while you relieve your stress.

At 680g, this is one of the largest and most realistic oral toys we've seen. You'll get months or years of amazing stress relief with this toy!

Illustration by Mizuryu Kei, starter lotion included in the box.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Weight: 680g (1.5lbs)
Length: 17cm (6.7in)

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SKU: OD052