Precious Hip ~ Real Soft

Shipping from Japan
Here's a really special item from Tamatoys: one of the largest and most realistic "hip" toys for simulating awesome sex!
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Enjoy thus super deluxe "hip" toy from Japanese maker Tamatoys, which lets you enjoy 100% real sex with a beautiful girl.

The toy is perfectly accurate, simulating the full sized ass of a willing girl, ready to let you fuck her as many times as you want. There's are vaginal and anal routes to explore, and everything is perfectly colored pink, to show how blood-engorged and ready she is for you.

The hip toy is so large, you can put underwear or other sexy lingerie on her for added realism!

This is a J-List ero gift guide selection!

(Top Staff Pick for Hentai products!)

Width: 31cm (12.2in)
Length: 27cm (10.6in)
Weight: 5500g (12.1lbs)

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