Deep Senzuri Cover 4 -- Waterproof (IPX6)

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He's an innovative sexual toy for men from Japan called Deep Senzuri Cover, a vibrating "rotar" that men clip onto their penises for an amazing experience. This is the newest version!
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The word senzuri is a Japanese word for masturbation, literally meaning "1000 strokes." This innovative erotic toy is basically a vibrator for men which clips around your member and provides vibration for you while you fap. You get a cock ring-style stimulation along with vibration that has 9 different patterns, which you can control with the controller. Best of all, it's waterproof (IPX7), so you won't damage it with everyday liquids.

To use, first strap the vibrator to the end of your penis with the included adjustable belt. Tturn the power button on with a long press. Subsequent pushes of the power toggle each of the vibration modes, and a long press turns the power off. Recharge it with the included micro USB cable. This version is updated, featuring a new design that's larger and has a IPX7 waterproof rating!

Made by PxPxP with package art by Wakame-san.

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