MAGICFACE2 Yukikaze Edition

Shipping from Japan
This is a fantastic oral toy for fans of Taimanin Yukikaze. Produced by G Project / PxPxP.
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For everyone who's wanted to have fellatio performed on them by a beautiful female ninja, we've got a great new offering from the Taimanin Asagi / Taimanin Yukikaze series. It's a massive full-sized head of Yukikaze that's so heavy -- 3000 grams out of its box -- that it requires an internal silicone "skeleton" to support it, which is built inside. You have an amazing mouth to pleasure yourself, with two different "routes" inside to explore, a tighter one and a looser one. You can use the toy on a desk or other surface, use it in bed, or even blindfold it with the included blindfold! By G Project / PxPxP.

The toy is amazing, the largest and most most realistic oral toy we've seen.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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