Deep Anal Thunder Vibe -- Completely Waterproof

Shipping from Japan
Japan is great at developing bold sexual experiences for us guys, and this is the Deep Anal Thunder Vibrator, a waterproof anal toy for men!
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An amazing new release by PxPxP, this anal vibrator is designed to be put inside your ass, thanks to it's smart design and large wings at the bottom that keep everything nice and safe. The toy features nine different vibrations mode that allow you to stimulate your prostate gland while enjoying masturbation or sex with that special someone!

To operate it, use the separate controller. Long press to turn on or off, then click normally to cycle through nine vibration patterns. Press quickly to also toggle three electric flow modes.

It recharges via USB easily, cord included in the box.

Art by Wakame-san.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Height: 9cm (3.5in)
Max Width: 6.8
Insert Portion Width: 3

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