PUNI VIRGIN ZERO (Onahole for Training)

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Stop right there, Oniisan! You're not going to cum already, are you? This onahole is going to train you to last longer when you're with a real woman.
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Can an onahole make you a better lover? That's the premise behind the new Puni Virgin Zero, a "lesson hole" that features a stern girl on the box warning you, "Don't cum too quickly!" The onahole comes with three silicon cock rings, which you wear around your penis during training, which makes it harder to ejaculate. The stretchy onahole provides the perfect blending of soft and firm, allowing you to learn to become a better lover, lasting longer with a masturbation toy that won't over-stimulate you. You can test yourself and see how long you can last, and try to beat your last record.

The toy is made by PxPxP G Project here in Japan, and comes with high quality lotion Pepee lotion, the kind used on porn sets. It also comes with a special storage bag.

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Weight: 300g (0.7lbs)
Length: 17cmcm (6.7in)

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