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If you want to relieve your daily stress with a great onahole that's easy to clean, take a Tenga Spinner for a spin. This is the BEADS type.
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A new revolutionary sex toy and onahole from Tenga is here, called the Tenga Spinner. Pleasure on a whole new form, challenging the boundaries of hole design. This is an onahole that twists itself when you use it, enabling you to experience a whole new type of stimulation. Very easy to clean and dry so maintenance is a breeze plus it comes with a one use lotion. A great transparent "crystal" fapping toy for men!

This is the BEADS design, with an amazing sensation of sliding into complex cavern of beads, which massage you from all sides as you go deep inside.

--This Product is ONLY Available INSIDE of JAPAN--

Length: 14cm (5.5in)

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