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The NIKU-MAN series from PPEXE / G Project is awesome, and customers love it. This is one super soft and awesome toy that will manage your stress perfectly!
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The Niku-Man series continues, with a great new meaty onahole designed by Outvision and G-Project. This version is the Nama Nikuman, which simulates a thick and satisfying anime girl, the better to from G-Project that gives you a super "thicc" girl's pussy and ass to use freely. The pussy is super soft and stetchy, so if you need additional length or girth, you've got it.

The toy is well designed, being pleasing to look at from the outside and offering an incredible sexual expereince inside, with hundreds of large and small bumps massaging you from all angles.

Made in Japan by G-Project, and contains a package of high quality Pepee Lotion as well a storage casee. To clean, wipe out repeatedly with tissues until completely dry.

Weight: 400g (0.9lbs)
Length: 18cm (7.1in)

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