Taimanin Asagi .ZERO – Miseijuku no Bijo Hole

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Here's a great new offering in the official Taimanin Asagi hentai onahole and lotion series, and it's the largest and more awesome Asagi onahole ever!
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With a massive 530 grams of material, the new Taimanin Asagi ZERO onahole is the largest sex toy in this series in years, and will provide a thick, satisfying experience for you compared with thinner toys that use less material. Featuring the entire sexy body of Asagi, recreated for your pleasure, you can play with her tits, her ass, or just lube up and get to work inside her, as you work through your own daily stress.

The interior of the toy is amazing, as expected, featuring a realistic opening that quickly becomes hundreds of dots, called hida in Japanese, which will squeeze you tightly as you move inside, just like a real woman. How long will you be able to last against an awesome onahole design like this? We don't think it'll be very long!

To clean, just wipe out with tissues repeatedly until clean inside., then store in a dry place. With proper maintenance, you should be able to use this awesome onahole for months of years. It's a great official hentai onahole!

Starter lotion is included in the box. Package art by Kagami.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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