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A new GOKU-HIDA VIRGIN series toy from PPEXE x G Project, this one going beyond anything we can find inside an actual woman: octopus tentacles and suckers!
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The new GOKU-HIDA VIRGIN series onahole from top sex toy maker throws realism out the window and gives you something we can't find in nature, an onahole designed to mimic the suckers on an octopus tentacle. There's no need for an onahole to be realistic, and thanks to this new design we can enjoy a masturbation experience like none other.

The toy is designed using the company's Grow Up Skin material, which is super soft and realistic, firm yet willing to stretch if you need more length. Instead of a traditional vagina, inside you'll find row upon row of large and small octopus suckers, which both stimulate your member from all angles and also cling to it, creating suction. It's guaranteed to be an experience you will treasure, as many times as you like.

To clean, wipe out with tissues until completely free of liquids, taking extra care because of the complexity of the internals.

Made in Japan by PxPxP G Project. A storage bag is included inside the box, too.

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Length: 17cm (6.7in)
Weight: 300g (0.7lbs)

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