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Nothing brings the generations together like a little mother-son bonding time!
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This is a tale about two family members who start to see one another as something more! Presented by Shiawase na Choushoku and J18 Publishing, this mother-son doujinshi is perfect for anyone eager to demonstrate their own filial piety.

After our protagonist Shinji's parents died in an accident when he was eight, his mother's sister Yoshino stepped in to adopt Shinji as her own—despite only being twenty-four years old, separated from Shinji by a mere sixteen years. Determined to be the perfect son, Shinji treats Yoshino as if she were his birth mother from childhood all the way through adolescence… until he becomes aware of how Yoshino's male coworkers see her. Overcome with jealousy, Shinji issues his adoptive mother a selfish ultimatum: either she'll reciprocate his desires through sex, or he'll leave… and faced with the loss of the only son she's ever known, Yoshino has no choice but to offer herself to him.

Shiawase na Choushoku and J18 Publishing are partnering up to bring you this family-filled doujinshi, presented for the first time ever in English! Preserving the original large-format B5 size, this special English edition preserves every detail there is to love about the Japanese version—minus all that pesky censorship. Mother's Day may only come once a year, but this book is a chance to indulge in all the motherly love you want…

Pages: 32
Size: B5

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