Silicone Oppai for Pillows

Shipping from Japan
Enjoy this pair of soft and realistic oppai, realistic breasts that are designed to add an extra layer of realism to your favorite dakimakura hug pillow!
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This is a pair of two well shaped breasts made of silicone, which have accurately colored nipples. They come with Velcro pads on the back that allow you to hold it in place. Place is over your favorite hug pillow inner pillow then put the outer cover over it, so you can feel the realistic breasts below the fabric surface. It's genius!

This box comes with a small pillow cover so you can use it with a standard pillow, too.

Weight 300g per breast
recommended for Dakimakura (5060 cm x 160 cm size), Insert Body Pillow AIR, or HUG BODY AIR, etc.
Includes two separate breast pieces, "magic tape" covering to secure them in place, and a 2D girl printed cover for a standard pillow.

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