Mucchiri Jimiko's Double Hole Spiral

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Who wouldn't love to find a "mucchiri" girl to have sex with, and feel her thicc body all around us? That's what you get with this new offering from A-One!
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The new Mucchiri Jimiko's Double Hole Spiral onahole simulates a "jimi" (plain) girl who isn't popular with boys...but if you get her into bed, she will really change.

Being a dual onahole, you get both a vaginal and anal route to enjoy. And both of them are great! The vagina offers a system of deep grooves that twist this way and that, which will get you off in no time. And the backdoor gives you the option of giving it to her in her tight ass, and feeling an even more amazing sensation.

At 630 grams of material, this onahole is large and satisfying. Her entire ass is re-created for you, so you can enjoy subbing her ass cheeks while you're deep inside her. You won't be able to resist using this amazing onahole every day!

Package art by Nanami Ito. Contains an extra-large bottle of ero lotion inside for you.

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Weight: 630g (1.4lbs)
Length: 14cm (5.5in)

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SKU: OD196