Black Stockings with Pole - Otokonoko F Size

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This is a pair of black stockings for otokonoko that's awesome, with a "pole" (a sleeve for your cock made of the same materisl as the stockings in the front) for your member!
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A fantastic ecchi cosplay item in free size from Tamatoys, for all ero-cosplayer lovers or simply to add fun to your sex life. This is an open crotch black stocking that's very sexy and used by schoolgirls and office ladies. This hot stocking is perfect for those who want to experience new things with their partners too.

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Material: Nylon 80%
Size: Otokonoko Free Size
Color: Sax Blue
Hip Size: 97-105cm (38.2-41.3in)
Size: Otokonoko 2L
Cup Size: B

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SKU: TMT1617