New Doubles – Mother and Daughter Hole -- Penetration Type

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One of the most popular series of onahole in J-List's history returns with an updated design! This is the New Doubles Mother and Daughter Hole (penetration type).
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One of our favorite Japanese dishes is called Oyako-don, which means "parent-and-child bowl." While it usually describes teriyaki chicken and scrambled egg served over steamed rice, as a slang word it can describe the fetish of having sex with a mother and her daughter at the same time.

This updated Mother and Daughter Doubles Hole is great, with two holes for you to use the larger MILF hole for the mother, well used after many years of having sex, and the smaller, tighter daughter hole, ready for you to deflower. Which hole will you use today?

The are two versions of the Doubles hold "penetration type" (with two openings at each end) and "non-penetration type" (which are closed off at the end, so liquids can't accidentally spill out during use). This is the penetration type version of the toy, with four holes (two inside each set of labia) for you!

Made in Japan for maximum safety and quality, starter lotion is included.

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Length: 150cm (59.1in)
Weight: 260g (0.6lbs)

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SKU: ET693