Puru Puru Oppai Drop EX for OPPAI BOARD

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Enjoy the cutest pair of fake breasts ever, which re-create the sexy boobs of a cute girl with a C-cup! This is compatible with the Oppai Board system from Tamatoys.
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The Oppai Board system from Tamatoys lets you touch a 2D girl's breasts anytime you want! Combine the board, these soft breasts, and an "oppai board cover" to make touching your favorite anime girl's boobs real!

This is a pair of soft breasts which fell super realistic to the touch, thanks to the advanced materials. Thanks to the two-layer construction process her nipples are perfectly colored and ready for you to kiss, lick or do anything else with!

Best of all, these oppai simulate a smaller girl's chest, just a C-cup, which is great to get your hands on!

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