Melty Marshmallow Body

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Looking or soft, motherly body to fall into when you've had a stressful day? Consider the Melty Marshmallow Body, a full torso-style toy with two holes to use!
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Product Description

What's the largest an onahole sex toy can be? Well, manufacturer Boostoy is pushing the limits with their newest deluxe toy, which recreates the entire soft body of a willing girl, complete with breasts, stomach and ass, plus a dull detailed vagina and anus that you can use any time you like.

The Melty Marshmallow Body is incredible, with every feature we could ask for right there for us. Large "thicc" body with lots of meat everywhere. Fun to grab breasts and ass. Fully realistic pussy for vaginal sex, accurately colored inside. Butthole that can be used for anal sex if you want to switch things up a bit. The inside of vagina is accurately pink colored.

The Melty Marshmallow Body torso style onahole is designed to be used in many ways, including missionary sex, doggy style, girl in your lap, or just about anything. You can even use her breasts for paizuri (titty fucking) if you want. At a full 3 kg, the toy is the largest we've seen in years.

It's the perfect girlfriend replacement!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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