Togainu no Chi -Lost Blood- Limited Edition

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This is the limited edition of the yaoi epic Togainu no Chi - Lost Blood - which contains the game DVD, original soundtrack, 42 page artbook, and Steam Key.
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A groundbreaking yaoi classic that feels as fresh now as the day it was released, Togainu no Chi ~Lost Blood~ is a gritty tour-de-force BL experience. Can you help Akira, numb from a lifetime of violence and isolation, forge the bonds he needs to survive a ruined Tokyo's deadly underworld? Or will your decisions lead him down a darker path, deeper into chaos and debauchery? With cutting-edge artwork and a pulsing soundtrack, Togainu no Chi -Lost Blood- gets in deep under the skin. Fully voiced by the original Japanese VA cast.

In a ruined world, seeds of new chaos.
In the years following a third world war, a devastated Japan is divided between two rival factions with no hope for reconstruction in sight. Caught between East and West, Tokyo has degenerated into a brutal, crime-ridden wasteland.

Like many of those reaching adulthood in this dark new world, a young man named Akira seeks some kind of meaning in the violent street fighting contest Bl@ster. But even as he rises up the rankings, he feels almost nothing. Is this all there is?

In Toshima, a district of Tokyo ruled by the mysterious syndicate Vischio, the blood sport Igra makes Bl@ster look like child's play. Competitors have the chance to win control of a drug empire worth more than in their wildest dreams, but losing a bout means losing your life.

When Akira is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, a strange woman appears with an even stranger offer: he can regain his freedom if he fights his way to the top of Igra and destroys Vischio from within.

What dangers and revelations await Akira on Toshima's pitiless streets? Is he strong enough to survive them?

Scenario: Fuchii Kabura
Character Designs: Tatana Kana

This limited edition package contains:
- Game DVD
- Original Soundtrack
- 42 page artbook (Package size)
- Steam Key


OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
Voice: Japanese, Full Voice
Media: DVD-ROM
CPU: Core 2 Duo
VIDEO: 1280×960 32bit TrueColor
GRAPHIC: 256MB VRAM DirectX9.0c

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