Saimin Seishidou - Natsumi Obata

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Everyone loves the Saimin Seishidou ("Sexual Guidance Through Hypnotism") hentai series, and these official hentai toys make it even better! This is Natsumi Obata's official hole!
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"You can do it harder, you know. I won't break."

Enjoy a new official hentai onahole from one of the top 18+ anime today based on Natsumi Obata, the MILF mother of Yui. This is an officially licensed hentai onahole from Lune Pictures based on the character's body.

The toy is great, simulating the well-used vagina of Yui Obata's mother Natsumi, letting you fill her with jizz as much as you want. Starter lotion is included in the box.

Don't forget to pick up her official scented ero lotion!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 15.5cm (6.1in)
Weight: 250g (0.6lbs)

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SKU: OD077