Super Real Oppai -- Tamatoys GOLD

Shipping from Japan
We all want soft boobs to touch, but never before has a pair of oppai felt as realistic as the new Super Real Oppai from the Tamatoys GOLD line!
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The ultimate in realistic simulated breasts, the Super Real Oppai line is 100% realistic, giving you a perfect pair of breasts you can touch anytime you like. They're manufactured with three layers realistic salmon pink nipples, a realistic soft outer skin layer, and and an amazing inner layer which creates breasts so real, you'll be sure they must contain milk.

The breast can be used with the special Super Real Oppai Board, a base that holds these breasts in place and allows you to have fun with Oppai Board Covers. (The existing Oppai Board covers are compatible with both Oppai Board sizes.)

At 3.7 kg (8.1 lbs), these breasts are the heaviest and most realistic we've ever seen. They come in a special box that's great for storing after use, and the breasts are a G cup.

Width: 31cm (12.2in)
Length: 22cm (8.7in)
Height: 11cm (4.3in)

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