Meteor Pendulum Heart Limited Edition

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A legendary hentai visual novel with exciting action and super sexy girls!
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About the product

Product Description

A storm brews on the horizon as Umi, a normal student, sees himself embroiled in a conflict of galactic proportions, facing the suspicion of the Galactic Police and Don Dokgar’s encroaching menace. Watch as he uncovers his past, alongside Alyssa of the galactic police, and goes from puny zero to galactic hero in this sweet space adventure.

OS: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: Pentium4 2.3GHz / Core2Duo 2GHz
Memory: 1GB RAM / 2GB RAM

The Limited Edition comes with:

- Game DVD
- Special Outer Box
- Companion Artbook
- 5x7 Diamond Coat Glitter Postcard
- Game DL code

Your purchase will also include immediate access to a DOWNLOAD VERSION available through the JAST Store.

--This Game is ONLY Available OUTSIDE of JAPAN--

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