Flowers -Le volume sur automne- Limited Edition

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We love stories about girls who love girls, and the Flowers saga from Innocent Grey is one of the best stories ever told. This is vol. 3, Autumn
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As the summer heat fades, Suoh Shirahane is just one step away from unraveling the mystery of why her beloved Amitie partner left in the spring.

Yuzuriha Yatsushiro, president of the school's Council of Nicaea, knows the truth hidden within the school. The silver-haired beauty seeks to prevent Suoh from reaching it by giving her what seems like an impossible task—take over the role of president and she'll hand over the key to what she desires.
However, Yuzuriha is harboring her own secret, buried deep within herself...

As the leaves turn and strange incidents continue to plague the isolated Saint Angraecum Academy, interweaving threads of emotion tangle together in an intricate story of love and truth.
This is the third game in the "Flowers" yuri visual novel series from Innocent Grey, renowned for its beautiful artwork, engaging stories, and complex characters. JAST USA is delighted to be bringing these gorgeous games to yuri fans around the world.

This is the Limited Edition of the game, which includes:

• The game on DVD-ROM
• Two acrylic figures (3.5 inches high) with stands
• Three dual-sided laminated postcards showing illustrations and backgrounds from the game (display them behind the figures)
• Steam key

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