Kyonyu na Chijo-tachi -- Lewd Ladies With Big Boobs

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This is a great hentai manga from artist Ohtoku Wells and Mujin Comics about busty girls taking male cherries!
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This is a great hentai manga with four long stories of boys losing their virginity to sexy, busty women!

The stories included are

1. I Had Sex With a Woman Who Was Handing Out Lottery Tissues.

My tissues had "you win!" printed on it. What did I win?

2. I Went Camping And Instead of a Campfire, My Cock Was On Fire!

A novice camper meets an experienced woman who wants to show him how it's done!

3. Mom's Volleyball Team.

What happens when .a young man catches the eye of the members of a volleyball team of sexy MILFs?

4. What Happens In the After School Sex Club!

A young man joins a surprising school club and loses his virginity in the best way possible!

Pages: 202

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